Bronxville Union Free School District

Board Hosts Information Session

With a special vote scheduled in two weeks, the Board held an information session for the public, designed as an opportunity to ask specific questions about flood mitigation, finances, synthetic turf and infill, and play area/parking.  Resources included architects (KG&D), an engineer (Folchetti Associates), Board members, and school administrators. About fifty resident attended.

Board President Denise Tormey opened the session with a statement describing the history of the project. She said, in part:

I thought back to the experiences of my four now grown children, each of whom participated as a student athlete at Bronxville from middle school through high school.

Contrary to the idyllic image of Hayes Field portrayed by some as a lush open space, my more vivid recollections are of a field that was at times under water, frequently muddy, pock marked with holes and divots and often filled with modified or junior varsity field hockey players walking off the field dejectedly after their game was called for darkness following 15 minutes of play. It is my personal hope that the flood mitigation project will go a long way toward keeping Hayes Field above water and that a reconfigured, brand new synthetic turf field will revitalize Hayes Field into a resource that our children will enjoy for years to come - a regulation size field that will provide a truer surface and greater playability for many more students than current Hayes Field can possibly provide. The current plans also include an ample natural grass play area and include relocated parking areas.

Superintendent David Quattrone described the scope of the proposed projects as the culmination of years of planning. He reviewed various modifications to the plan, emphasizing the Board's responsiveness to community input.  After his presentation, residents were invited to approach four separate stations to explore features of the plan in more depth.

The key questions and answers can be found here: bronxquesans.pdf