Bronxville Union Free School District

Board Ratifies BTA Contract

The Bronxville Union Free School District Board of Education and the Bronxville Teachers’ Association (“BTA”) are pleased to announce that the parties have reached agreement on a four-year contract covering the time period from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2017. The prior contract, which had a three-year term, expired on June 30, 2013, and since early 2013 representatives of the District and the BTA have worked together to reach agreement on a new contract. Negotiations in the current fiscal climate are difficult and challenging, and in many communities can be a divisive issue. We are proud that, through respectful and collaborative dialogue, the parties have reached an agreement that provides for a fair and equitable settlement for the BTA membership and a fiscally responsible contract for the taxpayers of this community.

At all times during the negotiations, the parties remained committed to maintaining the outstanding educational program to which the Bronxville community has grown accustomed over the years. Both sides made sacrifices to achieve an equitable settlement, and the District and the BTA are confident that this agreement will allow Bronxville to continue to provide a superior educational experience for our children well into the future.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Quattrone, commented, “I would like to thank BTA President Dr. David Katz and the rest of the members of the BTA’s negotiating team for their hard work, commitment and dedication to reaching an agreement that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of our teachers and the financial challenges that the District is facing now and in the future.”

BTA President, Dr. Katz, added, “The school board and administration were effective partners with the BTA in this negotiations process. The parties dealt fairly and honestly with each other to the benefit of all our constituent groups. The members of the BTA appreciate the respectful tone of these recent negotiations. The commitment of the teachers mirrors that of the district - delivering high-quality educational outcomes for the Bronxville students and community.”

Board of Education President, Denise Tormey, noted, "On behalf of the entire Board of Education, I would like to commend the BTA and the administration for their tireless efforts in working with the Board to reach a settlement that allows all of us to focus on our most important goal, making the educational experience of each and every Bronxville student the best it can be."