Bronxville Union Free School District

Board Reduces Budget, Discusses Reserves

At the March 7th budget workshop Assistant Superintendent Dan Carlin presented a proposed 2015-16 spending plan of $46.4 million.  This revised budget incorporates a $100,000 reduction recommended by the Board of Education's finance committee.  It also includes several new positions including an Elementary School teacher, two secondary school teachers in mathematics and science, a director of instructional technology, and support for auditorium management.  The cost of these additional positions is offset by a reduction in mandated employer contributions to the teacher retirement system (from 17.5% of payroll to 13.3% of payroll). 

The resulting budget is below the tax levy cap, but the Board is deliberating to what extent fund balance and reserves should be used to further reduce the tax levy.  The District estimates an operating surplus of about $500,000 this year, to which the Board could add existing reserves. The Board is considering two options: applying reserves of $850,000, which would produce a tax levy increase of 1.1%, or applying reserves of $735,000, which would produce a tax levy increase of 1.39%. The ultimate decision will represent a balance between immediate tax relief  and long-term flexibility as future Boards face rising enrollments.

The Board will continue to review the budget prior to adoption in March or April.