Bronxville Union Free School District

Board Studies Field Design and Synthetic Turf

Bronxville's flood mitigation project requires installing a network of underground pipes and a pump station. This project necessitates excavation and disruption to Hayes Field, a grass field that currently serves as a game field for field hockey but is subject to problems of wear and tear. What is the best way to restore that field to meet the current and future needs of students and other stakeholders?

The Board has studied this question for the past year, and the current proposal reflects both Board input and community feedback. At the November meeting architects KG&D proposed a field reconfiguration that accommodates rising enrollment, increases playability, and flexibility, and responds to health, environmental, and aesthetic concerns. Highlights of the plan include:

  • a synthetic turf competition field that supports field hockey, football and lacrosse
  • a natural turf area that extends the elementary playground and kickball area
  • efforts to save existing trees and plant new trees 
  • an additional 29 parking places for teachers, administrators, employees, and visitors.

KG&D professionals Russ Davidson, Joe Riley, and Erik Wilson discussed various options for the restored field.  They outlined the trade-offs between natural and synthetic turf (playability, maintenance costs). They emphasized the importance of selecting a turf system that has been tested and is protected by a ten-year warranty. Although crumb rubber remains the material of choice for most fields in the region, newer products are worth considering.  KG&D will assist the District by conducting additional research and analysis, investigating performance and warranties, going on site visits, continuing dialogue with District officials, and bidding a series of alternates that all the Board to make an informed decision later this year.