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Bronxville Educator Tours China as Part of National Delegation

Denise Flood, a Bronxville High School teacher and curriculum leader, recently traveled to China as part of the College Board’s 2016 Chinese Bridge Delegation, a weeklong program that included school tours, cultural activities and educational workshops.

Flood was among more than 240 educational leaders from across the country, including superintendents, principals, assistant principals and department leaders, who were invited to participate in the program.

During her trip, Flood visited a number of Chinese schools in Beijing and the province of Shandong, met with educators, observed classes, interacted with students and answered their questions about the American school system. She, along with the delegation, attended presentations in Beijing by the College Board, Chinese ministers of education and Hanban, a public institution that promotes Chinese language internationally. She also toured the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Beijing Language and Culture University, and visited six different schools in Beijing and Tai’an City.

“This was a life-changing experience,” Flood said. “I learned a great deal about the Chinese language program and culture of China. The people of China have deep connections to their ancient roots and this is evident in their daily customs and traditions, and in their educational system. “

This is the first time a Bronxville School educator has participated in the College Board’s Chinese Bridge Delegation.

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