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Bronxville Educators Lead Workshops at National Platform

A team of eight administrators and teachers attended the EdLeader21 Conference in Dallas, which brought together educational leaders from across the country in late September. The workshops focused on 21st century skills including the 4Cs of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, and included Bronxville educators sharing the successes of the lesson study as a model for professional development and the connections to the Bronxville Promise.

“It was gratifying to network with districts across the country that are prioritizing the same dispositions we have in Bronxville,” Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mara Koetke said. “Many districts are focused on implementing and refining their approach to curriculum and assessment that focused on developing students as critical thinkers, innovators and agents of change.”

Bronxville students are encouraged daily to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively and collaborate with others in meaningful ways. Educators across the country are continuously working to develop and enhance a curriculum that fulfills these goals.

Along with Koetke, the conference attendees from Bronxville included High School Curriculum Leader Denise Flood, Director of Technology Jennifer Forsberg, Elementary School Assistant Principal Adrienne Laitman, Elementary School Curriculum Leader Louise Lebrini, High School Assistant Principal Marcellus Lessane, Middle School Curriculum Leader Mary Schenck and Middle School Principal Thomas Wilson. Elementary school teachers Rosana Colliniates, Bruce Meyers and Sarah Zonenshine participated in the conference via a Skyping session.

At the conference, Laitman, Lebrini and Koetke led a presentation on lesson study, which is a professional development model for 21st-century learning. It involves collaboration between teachers who develop a lesson that is based on observations and data to determine the most effective ways to improve student learning.

“We hope other educators who attended our presentation got a better understanding of this professional development model, which uses real-time analysis of a lesson in order to improve instruction, and that it prompted them to start thinking about how they might begin adopting this model in their own districts,” Laitman said.

Koetke said that in addition to the outside affirmation they received from EdLeader21, Bronxville’s administrators and teachers brought back a few ideas they would like to pursue further, such as project-based learning, the expansion of science, technology, engineering and math education and innovation through entrepreneurship.

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