Bronxville Union Free School District

Bronxville Phases in Security Improvements

Bronxville Union Free School District announced a series of security enhancements that will be implemented this fall, designed to protect the District’s 1,700 students.
“We wanted to strengthen our controls over access to the facility,” Superintendent David Quattrone said. “After a thorough consultation with the safety committee and the Bronxville chief of police, we figured out how best to make such enhancements.”

To that end, the School is taking the following steps:

1.    As of September 16, all school entrances will remain locked until 7:30 a.m. except the Atrium entrance on Meadow Avenue. Students may use the Meadow Avenue entrance but must remain in the cafeteria. (Staff members have access to the building via school identification badges.)

2.    As of September 28th only students will be permitted to enter the building at the beginning of the day. Aides will be available to help guide younger students to their classrooms.

3.    As of September 28, all visitors, including parents, will be asked to present their driver's licenses to enter the school. Greeters at each entrance will use ID scanners to conduct an instant background check on all visitors and produce a temporary photo ID visitor’s pass.

In addition, Quattrone clarified procedures that regulate public access to Chambers Field and the track. “We needed more signage and a clearer description of the rules,” he said. The field and track are reserved for school use during recess, physical education instruction, athletic practices and contests. The School employs a security firm, Securitas, to assist with enforcement during the day. The field and track are closed daily at 7 p.m.

These improvements continue a number of safety enhancements introduced by the District, including security cameras, panic buttons at entrances, a lock replacement program, visitor screening technology and shatterproof window coatings. The District monitors its safety program through a standing committee of parent representatives, faculty, and police and fire officials.