Bronxville Union Free School District

Bronxville School Prepares Graduate Students to Become Teachers

The Bronxville School is preparing the next generation of teachers who are currently interning and working directly with students through a partnership with Manhattanville College and LIU/Hudson. The Bronxville Teacher Residency program provides each of the seven graduate students with the opportunity to learn from an experienced teacher who is their mentor throughout the entire school year.  

“They’re embedded in our school, but they are also part of the curriculum planning and general planning for all that goes on for our students,” Elementary School Assistant Principal Adrienne Laitman said. “They have a full year here from the first day until the very last day of school and we feel that’s an excellent, rich clinical experience for them in terms of preparing them for their own classrooms.”

As part of the program, Pamela Boulware, Jeremy Goldstein, Kristen Rodopolous, Amanda Romanello, Jacqueline Sullivan, Tevon Troja and Jake Walsh are learning about planning, instruction, collaborating with colleagues, parent-teacher communications and every other aspect of teaching. They also receive feedback from their mentors and regularly meet with principals.

“As they become more experienced, they take on more responsibilities in their home base classrooms,” Laitman said. “They’re also substituting primarily on their grade level but also in other classes. They’re known by the rest of the teachers and parents and are really part of our school community.”

Laitman said the benefit to the district is that there’s no loss of instructional time if a teacher is out because the interns are able to take over a lesson and teach it to the students after being involved in the lesson planning with their mentor.

“The cohort we have this year brings a lot of energy, charisma and talent to our school and they’re learning from the best,” Laitman said.

Sullivan, a Manhattanville College student who works with fourth-graders, said she’s always had a passion for teaching and thanks to the program, she feels more confident and better prepared, she said.

“What I’ve learned about the Bronxville School is that they’re a very close-knit community and really look out for each individual student,” she said. “It’s really nice to be a part of a community that does that and I’d definitely want to apply what I’ve learned here in my own classroom one day.”


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