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Director of Technology Leads Conversation on Digital Citizenship

Bronxville School Director of Technology Jennifer Forsberg represented the district at the Digital Citizenship Summit, an international conference that leads the movement on empowering people to be safe, savvy and ethical users of social media and technology.

Forsberg was a member of a panel that discussed actions one can take to see digital citizenship and media literacy be the norm in schools around the country. She was among hundreds of educators, parents, students, organizations and industry leaders who participated in the summit on Oct. 28, which was hosted at Twitter headquarters and live-streamed locally and globally.

“It’s important to ensure that students are safe and smart online and that they know how to use the internet and social media in positive ways,” Forsberg said. “I believe that starts early and is an integral part of their education. The internet and social media are very powerful tools and essential components of the learning experience. I want to ensure that students make good choices and think critically about the decisions they make.”

The Digital Citizenship Summit’s mission is to advocate for parents and students to develop positive online and social media skills, to educate them on what it means to be a good digital citizen, and to empower them to make a difference in the world.

“I hope to inspire other educators to ensure that parents are an integral part of this work and that this should be a mandatory or necessary piece of the curriculum that is taught and embedded in grades K-12 and beyond into higher education,” Forsberg said.

Forsberg has been an avid advocate and leader in the movement to ensure that students and parents are educated on the topic of digital citizenship. At the Bronxville School, she collaborates with administrators and teachers to create educational technology environments that promote 21st-century learning skills and organizes parent educational workshops and sessions dedicated to digital citizenship.

Led by Forsberg, the district won the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center 2016 Pioneer Award for Technology for demonstrating regional leadership through its innovative initiatives and programs that encourage global citizenship, leadership, critical thinking and innovation in its students through the use of technology.

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