Bronxville Union Free School District

Don't Forget to Vote

Tomorrow, May 19, is the Bronxville school budget vote and trustee election. We urge you to participate by taking the time to cast your ballot between the hours of 7 am – 9 pm in the multipurpose room of the Bronxville School (use the entrance on Midland Avenue).

The Board has adopted a proposed budget – the fourth consecutive financial plan that is within the state-mandated tax levy cap– to preserve our student-centered focus. As we have previously communicated, the budget adds teaching positions to the budget to reflect our enrollment and course registration needs. It should be noted that in just the past five years our enrollment has grown by 300 students, while in most other localities, enrollment has either leveled off or decreased.

All existing programs and associated staffing are preserved in the proposed budget, with the intent to continue our commitment to be one of the best-performing districts in the region, state and country. The budget carries a tax levy increase of 1.49% and an associated tax rate decrease.

The second ballot question asks voters to consider the use of an existing $1.8 million capital reserve fund to reorient, expand and resurface Hayes Field.

  • There is no tax increase associated with approval of this question, nor any projected future tax increase associated with voter affirmation of the question. The funds to support the project represent fund balance that has been generated through budget management over several years, and authorized for deposit in the reserve by voters.
  • The Board of Education unanimously approved the Hayes Field plan in order to increase opportunities for our students and community, especially in light of the continued enrollment growth and rising participation in athletics by students. Our administrators have quantified a significant increase in field resource availability for K-12 physical education, Elementary recess, interscholastic athletics, and community use if this project is authorized.

We encourage you to acquaint yourself with all of the facts associated with both the budget and the second question. You can find more detailed information by visiting our website at

Voting is your right and our collective privilege. We hope you will join us in casting your ballot on Tuesday, May 19.



The Bronxville Board of Education

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David Brashear

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