Bronxville Union Free School District

Enrollment Rises 3.8%

Fifty-two more students enrolled in the Bronxville School this fall, representing a 3.8% increase.  The Elementary School stands at 780 students, the Middle School at 430, and the High School at 488, for a K-12 total of 1,698. For the second consecutive year, the cohort moving from grade eight to nine increased in size, reversing a previous pattern of attrition. The interactive charts are below.

Anticipating the increase, the District took several steps last year to manage class size. During the budget process the Board added sections at Kindergarten and grade 2, and principals at all three schools adjusted programs. The adjustments included adding science and technology at grade 5, mathematics enrichment at grade 8, and streamlining electives at the High School.  You can find the class size report here.