Bronxville Union Free School District

Flood Mitigation Project Begins

The long-awaited flood mitigation project begins this week and will last over a year  Primarily funded by FEMA, the project will install a system of underground pipes and a pumping station on school property. The goal is to prevent stormwater from entering the building, diverting it into the Bronx River when it is safe to do so.

During the course of construction we will maintain all school programs, including recess, physical education, and athletics. We also expect continued access for  drop-off and pick up at the Elementary School. Nevertheless, we expect temporary inconvenience, disruption, and delays. At completion, we will gain significant protection from future floods.some additional parking, and a synthetic turf field that will enhance recreational opportunities for our students.

Here is the timeline as it now stands:



May 5

Mobilization begins - Construction Trailer


Construct Parking Lot on Meadow Avenue

May - June

Upper portion of ES lot becomes construction site

June -October

Trenchless Pipe Crossing at Midland and Pondfield


Construction of Pump Station


Installation of Flow Diversion Structures


Installation of Wet Well

December - February

Construction of Below Grade Detention System

February - August 2017

Installation of synthetic turf

As we all know, these dates may shift with unforeseen circumstances, but we have worked hard to minimize the impact on school operations. Construction will require many adjustments, including the loss of access to Hayes Field for the spring of 2017.  As events unfold we will keep the entire school community.informed.