Bronxville Union Free School District

Hayes Field Construction to Begin

As part of the approved proposal to reconfigure and install synthetic turf on Hayes Field, the district expects tree removal to begin along a main thoroughfare, Midland Avenue, between April 10 and 17. By doing the work that week, the district’s spring break, it limits the amount of interruption to our students, staff and parents.

Voters approved the Hayes Field proposal on May 19, 2015 and authorized the release of $1.8 million from the District’s capital reserve for this purpose. At the time, the Board gathered community input and revised the proposal in scope and cost, from a previous vote, allowing for an enlarged field size as well as installation of synthetic turf with organic infill.

Recently, the district held a coordination meeting with those individuals responsible for certain areas of the project and a timeline was approved. A turf sample was submitted and will be independently tested to ensure it meets the specifications set by our district. It is expected that the next phase of the project will begin in May, and it is our hope that the project will be completed in its entirety by August. Included with the completion of the project, the district will plant saplings to replace any trees that were removed in the process.