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High School Students Share Experiences with Travel, Culture and Community

Bronxville High School students heard from five of their peers – Gianna DiMinno, Olivia Gravier, Bruno Aguilar Inzunza, Rico Pearson and Dylan Weber – during the annual spring Bronxville Voices Assembly, held on May 18. Each speaker discussed his or her experiences with travel, culture and community.

Weber, a senior and accomplished athlete, talked about mourning the sudden death of a best friend, persevering through a difficult time and learning from mistakes. He also shared what motivates him to compete in triathlons and talked about his passion to make a difference in his community.

“I’ve learned over the years that there is a fourth phase to triathlons, and actually, a fourth phase to life,” he said. “Phase four is about being selfless and involving yourself in a whole other world. Triathlons can serve as an opportunity to help less fortunate people, and through triathlons I have been able to find an inner peace and serenity where I can run and support the most amazing causes you can imagine, like the ASPCA, St. Jude’s and DKMS. I am not competing for myself, I am competing for those who can’t compete and at the end of the day, being able to say I helped a dog live and being able to say that I helped fund research to end cancer is something so much more worth it than being admired for athletic ability.”

DiMinno, a senior, talked about the six-week trip she took to Spain and the challenges of learning a new language. Gravier, a junior, shared her struggles with dyslexia and talked about how she was able to gain the confidence to succeed.

“Once I accepted my dyslexia and stopped fighting to be the same as everyone, I finally succeeded,” Gravier said. “Just think about it, I'm graduating next year and going to college. I am doing what I used to think wasn't possible. What I'm trying to say is don't be quick to judge the intelligence of someone else or yourself. Once you have confidence in yourself and know that you are smart, you can overcome any academic or life challenge.”

Aguilar Inzunza, a senior who recently moved to Bronxville after living in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Canada, spoke about his travels around the world and the lessons he learned along the way. Pearson, a junior, also talked about living in five different countries and discussed his challenges while hiking Mount Kenya. He credited his friends and a group of porters who helped him get to the top after being stricken with altitude sickness.

“Being at the top reminds me of being here in Bronxville,” he said. “In many ways this community represents the top of the mountain economically and educationally. Today we might not live in small nomadic bands, but we still depend on each other to get through difficult times and overcome what can sometimes feel like the impossible.”

The Bronxville Voices Assembly series was created to provide a space and place for students to share their passions and interests with their peers. Social studies teacher Bill Meyer has been organizing the spring and fall assemblies since 2011.

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