Bronxville Union Free School District

A Message from your Superintendent of Schools

On Sunday morning, the district was informed of cracking in the road on Midland Avenue in the vicinity where tunneling for the Flood Mitigation project is taking place. It was determined that the collection of groundwater in the area of the tunneling is undermining the integrity of the road and creating a "sinkhole" situation. As a precautionary measure, the engineer and Bronxville PD decided to close Midland Avenue for the duration of the tunneling and road repair, which is estimated [REVISION] to extend through February 26th. This situation does not impact the timing of the overall project. However, it does temporarily impact parking as well as pick-up/drop-off procedures. At Bronxville Elementary School, students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade will follow emergency dismissal procedures, i.e. parents will meet their students inside the building at designated locations.  We believe this is the safest option. Students in third, fourth and fifth grades will be picked up and dropped off on Pondfield Road, and students in grades 6-12 will dismiss as usual.

As we expect Midland Avenue will be closed to traffic between Masterton Road and Pondfield Road for approximately 2 weeks, accommodations are being made for staff parking on Midland Avenue (facing building). The Midland (Elementary) lot will remain open, but accessible only from the East on Midland (not from Pondfield). Staff will also be able to park for a full-day without penalty in the "2-hour parking" in front of the Library and Village Hall on Pondfield Avenue as well as along Midland Avenue (both sides) between Masterton Road and Vine Street that are posted as "No Parking.” The temporary Meadow Avenue lot, small Meadow Avenue lot, and Chambers Field gravel area are not impacted.

We are taking two other steps to ensure the safety of students and staff. We are frequently monitoring elevations on our property to determine the potential for any additional sinkholes. We have also modified and communicated evacuation procedures to avoid the Midland Avenue sidewalks. I would also like to thank the Bronxville P.D. With their help, traffic moved fairly smoothly with few delays on Monday and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these alternate procedures. The Eastchester Fire Department and Con Edison have also played a helpful, positive role. We will provide further updates as necessary.