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Middle School Chamber Orchestra Performs for First- and Second-Graders

Bronxville Middle School’s seventh- and eighth-grade chamber ensemble students performed for an audience of first- and second-graders during a special concert on May 31. The performance provided the middle school students with an opportunity to share their work with their younger peers and introduce them to the world of music.

Middle school music teacher Claire Stancarone said the elementary school students learned about the different string instruments, chamber music, playing in an ensemble, reading music, musical interpretation, as well as the history of the pieces her students performed. The talented musicians performed pieces from a wide range of musical genres, including the traditional Scottish folk tune “The Keel Row,” the Harry Potter tune “Hedwig's Theme" and Mozart’s classical "Symphony No. 40."
“The students performed without a conductor with poise and grace,” Stancarone said. “They demonstrated a certain level of professionalism way beyond their years. The students are a very dedicated and talented group, but more importantly they learned how to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with one another and take leadership in order to prepare the music and rehearse for their performance.”  

The performance also allowed the middle school students to demonstrate how to be engaged citizens and reach out to members of their school community in an interactive setting.  

“The first- and second-graders were engaged and asked a lot of excellent questions,” Stancarone said. “They used their imagination to interpret the music, even at their young age. The music revealed a myriad of emotions and moods that the students effortlessly understood and identified.”

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