Bronxville Union Free School District

Opportunities for Parent Feedback

We strive to sustain a positive, trusting relationship between school and home. Parents with questions about school procedures or classroom practice should feel free to share their concerns directly with the teacher, counselor, or principal. Such informal interaction is a daily, constructive occurrence at each school, and everyone benefits from an atmosphere of open, civil communication. Informal communication is often the most useful form of feedback.

Parents also have the opportunity to register compliments or concerns in connection with employment decisions; parents may comment on a probationary teacher, administrator, or tenure candidate. Parents or other community members may share their perceptions through a signed letter addressed to the Principal, in the case of faculty, or to the Superintendent, in the case of administrators. Such letters will be acknowledged in writing by the supervisor, and shared with the individual teacher or administrator, and with the Superintendent and the Board of Education. In light of the timetable calling for tenure recommendations, any such letters should be received not later than March 1st of the teacher’s or administrator’s tenure year. Input even earlier in the tenure process, including years prior to the tenure year, allows more time for professional growth or recognition. It is important to note that parental feedback is only one aspect of an assessment of staff performance that encompasses preparation and planning, classroom management, instruction, and professional responsibilities. For a list of 2015-16 probationary teachers and tenure candidates, follow the link below.