Bronxville Union Free School District

‘Promise’ Survey Results Guide District Plans

At the Nov. 19 Board of Education meeting, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rachel Kelly and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mara Koetke presented the district’s plan to carry out the Bronxville Promise.

The district conducted a perception survey to establish a baseline of student, faculty and parent awareness of the Promise. The survey results indicated a high degree of parental support for the district’s quality of instruction and commitment to continuous improvement. Results also showed that the faculty had a nearly universal awareness of the Bronxville Promise, and that student and parent awareness was close to 60 percent. However, it was found that while most knew about it, only a small percentage was able to describe the Promise, revealing the need for greater communication by the district on multiple levels.  

During her presentation, Dr. Kelly referenced what teachers call “high-leverage approaches,” which ensure all students have access to the support and opportunities they need to achieve at high levels.

Dr. Koetke went on to showcase some examples of how teachers are revising existing units of study to incorporate elements of reflection and collaboration. Watch the video here.

At the Board Planning Workshop on Nov. 23, high school Principal Ann Meyer and Dr. Koetke will describe school and districtwide efforts to move from approach to implementation.

The presentation can be found here.