Bronxville Union Free School District

Proposed Budget Comes in Under the Cap

Superintendent David Quattrone proposed a 2015-16 budget of  $46,546,335, representing a .71% budget-to-budget increase that puts the district budget under the tax levy cap of 1.36%.  Referring to the Board's commitment to a "sustainable model of excellence," he emphasized the importance of taking a multi-year perspective, giving future Board's the flexibility to respond to rising enrollments. (The High School enrollment is projected to increase from 500 to 599 students over the next four years.)  He also mentioned the importance of adding breadth and depth to high school offerings as the population grows.

The spending plan contains several new positions that address class size adjustments and program improvements:


     Teacher at Grade 4


     Science Teacher, 6-12


     Mathematics Teacher, 6-12


     Director of Instructional Technology


     Auditorium Coordinator

Assistant Superintendent Dan Carlin then presented two scenarios involving the use of a budget surplus and reserves. Board members made comments and asked questions about various aspects of the budget, including the allocation of reserves, the wisdom of using reserves to offset tax increases, and the qualifications and responsibilities of the recommended Director of Technology position.

There will be a additional budget reviews on March 7th and at March 19th. The presentation is below.