Bronxville Union Free School District

Reminder to Vote

Key Facts to Keep in Mind About Today's Referendum

  1. Two propositions are on the ballot - The first would authorize the District to raise additional tax revenues through a bond issue of $900,000 to fund our portion of the costs of a flood mitigation system. The second proposition would authorize the District to utilize $2.2 million in existing capital reserve funds to reconfigure Hayes Field, install a synthetic turf system, create parking, retain a natural grass play space and the present kickball area, and perform related landscaping and other improvements. There is no tax impact associated with approval of the second proposition.
  2. Approval of the flood mitigation plan will allow us to accept more than $5.1 million from a FEMA grant to help offset approximately 75% of the plan's costs, provided the project is substantially completed by September 2015.
  3. The flood mitigation system is not for regular use and will not prevent all flooding conditions; it is intended for catastrophic situations to reduce the likelihood that we will suffer significant facility and financial impacts.
  4. The Hayes Field reconfiguration plan was developed in response to increasing demand for field usage in recent years by all three of our schools. Hayes Field currently is used approximately 1,100 hours per year, which greatly exceeds recommended standards for natural grass fields and contributes to the consistently poor quality of the surface.
  5.  No student recreational, instructional or athletic programs will 'lose' field space under the field improvement portion of the plan. The field reconfiguration plan includes a natural grass area of 25,500 square feet (1/2 acre), adjacent to the current elementary school playground.
  6. The overall redesign of Hayes Field was developed to meet the needs of the entire K-12 population, not just the athletic program. The new synthetic surface for Hayes Field will contain an organic infill, which creates a cooler, softer playing surface than other available types of infill. Student play/athletic experiences should be enhanced if the often-poor condition of Hayes Field is rectified.
  7. Village and District engineers have confirmed that the proposed flood mitigation plan takes into account the synthetic turf and related drainage.
  8. A planned parking area has been reduced in size to maintain the current kickball area. Moreover, the current kickball area could be converted to natural grass, but based on community input, the Board decided to retain the existing asphalt.
  9. The Board is committed to enhancing the 'green-ness' of the campus by using a landscape designer and replacing trees that must be removed for the flood mitigation and field reconfiguration plans with many more than currently exist