Bronxville Union Free School District

Results of the Vote

After years of planning, the district placed two key projects before the voters on January 22. The first proposition, a joint Village-District project, asked voters to approve funds for the local share of a $7 million project to install a network of underground pipes and a pumping station to mitigate future flooding events. Voters approved that project, 868 to 55.

The second proposition called for a reorientation of Hayes field so that the District had a flexible, resilient synthetic turf field not only for field hockey, but also for lacrosse and football. The plan also addressed the need for additional parking and accommodated community concerns about play space, landscaping, and the type of infill. Voters rejected that proposal, 470 to 452.

Superintendent David Quattrone thanked the Board for their hard work and noted the difficulties of working with the short timeline dictated by the FEMA grant. He stated that he had faith in the plan, and that the Board had a range of options -- including implementing parts of the plan with operational funds, modifying the plan, or going back for another referendum.  He pointed out that it took Irvington three tries to obtain voter approval for its synthetic turf field. President Denise Tormey also thanked the Board and expressed her interest in moving forward in a constructive manner.