Bronxville Union Free School District

Seniors Discuss Finance, Stock Markets with Field Experts

Bronxville High School seniors, who are enrolled in an economics class or who will study economics during their second semester, spoke with three financial experts during a recent panel discussion on finance, equity and bond markets.

Organized by high school teachers Chris Doyle and Steve Klurfeld, the students welcomed Anthony DiMinno, vice president of Investments Aegis Capital Corp., Joanne Jensen, managing director of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management and Thomas Schnepp, managing member of Cura Capital Management LLC.

“The purpose of the panel was to expose the students to the world of finance, specifically the equity and bond markets, and the type of work that is required of them to enter this field as they move into college,” said Doyle, who added that students need a minimum of a 3.5-grade point average in college in order to acquire an internship or position in finance.

In previous years, students have toured several investment banks and hedge funds associated with Wall Street. They also visited The New York Stock Exchange, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, and participated in a stock market simulation challenge that asked them to analyze a company.

“The experts – DiMinno, a 2010 Bronxville High School graduate, and Jensen and Schnepp, who have children in the senior class – were very generous to share their knowledge with our students,” Doyle said. “They let the students know that the field is open to both men and women and that a well-rounded education is important to analyze the markets.”

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