Bronxville Union Free School District

Students Debate Current Issues as Model UN Ambassadors

Bronxville High School students stepped into the shoes of United Nations ambassadors to debate a variety of current issues during a four-day trip to the Model United Nations Conference at Princeton University, held Nov. 19-22.

At the conference, which was attended by hundreds of high school students, the student-delegates drafted resolutions, made alliances with other delegates and advocated their positions. Each of the 19 Bronxville students, in grades 10 through 12, had to learn about the specific country he or she had been assigned to and understand the complexity of resolving different problems and current issues.

Over the course of the conference, they participated on various committees such as General Assembly (World Health Organization; Economics and Finance; Disarmament and International Security; Social, Humanitarian and Cultural; and Office on Drugs and Crime), Specialized (NATO) and Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis and the Korean Unification).

“The experience provided a unique opportunity for our students to practice so many important life skills such as problem-solving, negotiating and defending a position while at the same time learning about complex world problems,” said Steve Klurfeld, faculty advisor for the Model UN club at the high school.

Klurfeld, who has been bringing high school students to the Model UN Conference every year for close to 20 years, said students get to exercise all of the Bronxville Promise dispositions by being engaged citizens and demonstrating their leadership, critical thinking and collaboration skills.

The Bronxville High School students who attended the conference were Noor Ahmad, Henry Anderson, Mallory Bates, Ellie Briskin, Michael Calabrese, Katie Canty, Audrey Kim, Michael Landy, C.C. Langhoff, Gabriella Markola, John Markola, John Marshall, Ohto Pentikainen, Patrick Rich, Liam Smyth, Saige Sunier, Will Tague, Tim Weir and Trevin Winston.