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Students’ Exceptional Character Celebrated at Be3 Assemblies

Bronxville Elementary School students, staff members and administrators celebrated their work around the school’s character education and project-based learning experiences during two Be3 assemblies on Jan. 6.

The assemblies provided students with an opportunity to share with peers how they’ve been able to contribute to their school community through the Lunch Buddy program, make a difference in other people’s lives through the Student Council’s toy drive and foster friendships at the school’s Buddy Bench. Others highlighted their fifth-grade project-based learning project, which included a proposal for a 28th Constitutional Amendment and discussed how it would meet the needs of a changing society.

“All of the students who spoke were passionate, engaged and able to relate what they were doing to the idea of engaged citizenship,” Principal Tricia Murray said.

During the assemblies, the school also recognized and honored numerous students who have demonstrated exceptional character and gone above and beyond to help a classmate. Students were applauded for including others in their play during recess, showing empathy and compassion to classmates and being respectful to teachers and peers.

“Those students serve as an inspiration for others to act in positive ways as well,” said Assistant Principal Adrienne Laitman, who led the two assemblies. “We hope our students took away an understanding about the importance of being engaged citizens and how much we value that work in our school. It was wonderful to have so many students presenting at these assemblies and sharing their contributions with others.”

Through the school’s Be3 program – which ensures that each student thrives in a positive learning environment – the students have been learning how to be safe, responsible and respectful to one another outside of their classrooms.

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