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Students Explore Identity Through Self-Portraits in AP Spanish Culture and Language Class

Bronxville High School students – who had been exploring various practices and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world and focusing on the themes of personal and public identities in Denise Napolitano’s Advanced Placement Spanish Culture and Language class – recently created self-portraits to further enhance their understanding of the content.

Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits and the study of her life, the students were encouraged to think outside the box and use nonconventional materials, such as pipe cleaners, tree branches, cotton balls and sequins in their artwork.

“The students’ work was beautiful, honest and sincere,” Napolitano said. “They took their self-portraits seriously and were open to looking at themselves through the eyes of an artist, in this case Frida Kahlo.”

Once they completed their artworks, the students shared their projects during formal presentations in class, which is one of the key components of the AP Spanish curriculum. They also reflected on their own work and the work of their peers.

"I was inspired by the symbolism in Frida Kahlo’s work and it made me find interesting ways to represent the things that are important to me,” senior Pilar Layton said. “I really liked that this project gave me the opportunity to make something that really expresses who I am and that I’m proud of.”

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