Bronxville Union Free School District

Students Learn About Liberty During Philadelphia Field Trip

Fifth-graders who are studying the topics of liberty and its importance in forming the United States had the opportunity to visit historic sites and museums when they took a field trip to Philadelphia last month.

Principal Tricia Murray said 142 students toured the Benjamin Franklin House, Benjamin Franklin Museum, National Liberty Museum, National Constitution Center, Independence Hall and Liberty Bell Center during their trip on Oct. 21-23.

The fifth-graders learned about the process of signing the Declaration of Independence while standing in the room where it had been signed. At the National Liberty Museum, they discussed how famous people who are considered heroes today are standing up for the liberty and human rights of other people in the world. Murray said the fifth-graders were encouraged to lead by example and “live like a hero.”

“They were able to see firsthand where our founding fathers worked to create our nation,” said fifth-grade teacher Stephanie Kennedy, who added that the trip allowed students to understand Philadelphia’s history and appreciate how it had evolved into a modern city. “Overall, the time we spent together helped strengthen our bond as a fifth-grade community and created memories that will last a lifetime.”

The field trip, which included nightly outings of miniature golf and bowling, is closely connected to the fourth- and-fifth-grade social studies curriculum.

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