Bronxville Union Free School District

Students, Parents Ask Board for "Re-Vote"

Last month voters approved a flood mitigation project by a wide margin (868-55) but barely defeated a field reconfiguration plan (468-454). Disappointed by the results, students and parents urged the Bronxville Board of Education to place the synthetic turf field proposal before the voters again. Students presented the Board with a petition signed by 253 signatures, advocating a "re-vote." Other students, parents, and residents endorsed the value of synthetic turf as an important way to give future students higher quality experiences and preparation for athletic competition.

Prior to these comments, made at the February meeting, Denise Tormey, Board President, stated that the Board would evaluate the election results carefully before determining next steps. She said, "What was a chronic issue of field shortage has now become an acute problem." She went to describe the Board's effort to communicate a lot of information in a compressed period of time, including parking, landscaping, and type of infill. She cited the need to identify which of these issues are still under consideration and to clarify what is included in the flood mitigation project and what still needs to be addressed.

In order to place this question before voters a second time, the Board of Education would need to pass a resolution and notify the public 45 days in advance of a new referendum.