Bronxville Union Free School District

Students Skype With Author, Get Inspired to Be Creative

Bronxville Elementary School students had a meaningful and inspiring conversation with Peter Reynolds, a New York Times bestselling and award-winning illustrator and children’s book author, when they welcomed him to their school during a Skype session on May 19.

The schoolwide event, which was organized by Principal Tricia Murray, Technology Director Jennifer Forsberg and library media teacher Izzy Fattore, was made possible with assistance from the district’s instructional technology specialist Brad Ashley and the entire technology team. The students interacted with the author and watched him on a big screen from multiple locations throughout the school.

“Getting to Skype with author Peter Reynolds was one of the best experiences,” said second-grade teacher Dianne Aronson, whose class was set up in the auditorium. “He was wonderful with the students and was very inspiring. He talked about how important it is for them to be kind to one another. His overall message about writing and learning really encouraged students to be creative.”

Students said they appreciated that the author shared with them his story boards, told them about the writing process and where he got his ideas from and even gave them a sneak peek of his next book. They said they were inspired by his message to be kind to others and his encouragement to be creative and continue to draw anything, anytime and anywhere.

When students asked Reynolds what his favorite book was, he showed them a blank book. “A blank book because that story hasn’t been created yet and there are always opportunities to create stories, and they got that message too,” first-grade teacher Valerie Palacio said.

Following the Skype session, students reflected on the experience and created their own illustrated books.

“This was a wonderful example of technology bringing people together,” said Assistant Principal Adrienne Laitman, adding that this was the first time the entire school participated in a Skype session together. “It not only allowed us to listen to an accomplished author, but it enabled the entire school community to participate in an indoor event together.”

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