Bronxville Union Free School District

Superintendent to Lead National Education Conference

Bronxville School Superintendent David Quattrone will lead a national education conference next month in Boston, Massachusetts. As President of the Suburban School Superintendents, Quattrone has been planning the 51st annual conference for over a year.  

The 2015 SSS Conference will offer perspectives on what it means to get a "21st-Century Education" for coming decades. The conference program includes William Fitzsimmons, Harvard dean of admissions and financial aid; Anant Agarwal, professor at MIT and CEO and president of EdX, the largest distributor of online university courses; Fernando Reimers, Professor of International Education at Harvard; and James Honan, also at Harvard. The keynote speaker will be Richard Light, who holds a joint professorship at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Kennedy School of Government. Light will describe how engaging students in new ways to "take charge of their learning" is transforming the classrooms — and the overall student experience — at many of America's leading campuses.

Founded more than 50 years ago, the SSS is a membership organization of school superintendents from among the highest-performing school districts in America, often called “lighthouse districts” for the innovative teaching and proven learning practices they employ.

SSS membership is limited to 150 superintendents who are elected to membership from school districts in suburban communities throughout the United States. Members are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership in their school districts, states, or on a national level.

Quattrone has served as Superintendent of Schools in Bronxville since 2005. Prior to that, he was a Superintendent in Indian Hill, Ohio, for 14 years and an Assistant Superintendent and High School Headmaster in Greenwich, Connecticut. Other professional leadership accomplishments include terms as President of the Headmasters Association and President of the Chief School Administrators of Southern Westchester.