Bronxville Union Free School District

Teacher Pens Guide to Meditation in the Classroom

Stemming from his personal experiences with meditation and extensive research on the topic, Bronxville High School history teacher Bill Meyer is writing a manual that explores the academic and wellness benefits that develop when teachers incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their curriculum.

Meyer has been incorporating meditation in his classes and leading mindfulness practices throughout the building for the last eight years. He founded the Meditation Club at the high school six years ago. Thanks to the generous support of the Bronxville School Foundation, he has participated in mindfulness and educational conferences and has created a cohort of mindfulness fellows to welcome guest speakers to the district.

“The benefits of mindfulness are well-documented from the emotional and social support it can provide students, its ability to foster greater concentration, an overall sense of peace, but more than anything I think it helps us to connect back to ourselves in a world where so much is drawing us outward,” Meyer said.

Meyer’s cutting-edge work in Bronxville and his desire to share his knowledge with a broader audience led him to write his book, “The Enlightened Teacher: A Manual for Meditation in the Classroom,” which is slated to come out in 2019. In addition to exploring the academic and wellness benefits that develop when teachers incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their curriculum, the book will also feature guided meditation prompts.

“Mediation is a powerful tool to open students up and allow them the opportunity to access the gifts that reside within them,” Meyer said. “If we can help students foster an authentic connection with themselves, they can more authentically engage and serve the world and community around them.”

In addition to meditation, Meyer has been spreading his passion for literacy and fascination with the mysteries of ancient Egypt through a series of books, which are based on historical facts. His second book “The Search for the Lost Prophecy,” the sequel to “The Secret of the Scarab Beetle,” comes out on Oct. 15. Meyer said he views narrative and text as powerful teaching tools and has developed a curriculum guide for teachers to help them incorporate his books into their lessons on ancient Egypt or writing.

“The series is a great way for social studies teachers to provide a more accessible resource into the past for their students,” Meyer said. “In all the books, I've tried to honor the historic timetable as much as possible, and I think that is what makes the story truly unique. Most of it is historically accurate, and I find the truth is more unbelievable than fiction when one studies history.”

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