Bronxville Union Free School District

Technology Changes Arrive

This past spring, the Bronxville School launched a plan to upgrade our technology services and resources.  We expect to design model units of instruction throughout the year in which technology is an essential tool for creating and collaborating in the classroom and beyond. To that end we have broadened student access to technology by deploying a large number of Chromebooks and laptops. We have already trained a sizable cohort of teachers in using Google Apps, and we will introduce Google Classroom this fall. These tools should support new forms of collaboration and creativity.

This initiative includes several significant changes in home-school communication. We have introduced changes in our email system, our website, and the student/parent portals that provide key information about coursework.  It will take time for all of us to adapt to some of these changes, and it will take time for us to work out some of the transition issues. We are confident, however, that at the end of the day our service and communication will be easier and more helpful.

Here are the main features:

Faculty Email. We have shifted to gmail as the district’s electronic mail system. The naming convention for reaching a staff member is first initial last (

Website and Parent Portal Login. We have upgraded our website so that it interacts more smoothly with other functions, including emergency communication systems, grade reporting, and attendance.  At the top of each school website page there is a place to login. As in the past, a parent logs into course-specific information relevant to a student.  Parents will receive an email with username and password information during the week of August 24.

Student Access to School Network.Elementary students will learn how to login to the District network from their regular classroom teacher. Students in grades 6-12 will receive email instructions regarding access to the network. The student naming convention for network login is first full name+first initial of last name+ last two digits of year of graduation (e.g., johns17). Passwords will be changed throughout the first month of school. The network gives students access to the many software functions and productivity tools they need.

Student Access to Student Portal. The login procedures for the student portal are different. The student portal allows students direct access to the course information specific to their course of study -- announcements about homework and tests, attendance information, and final grades. Students will receive an email with instructions  and password for logging in to the student portalIf you any questions regarding these procedures please send an email to School offices and classroom teachers also have access to student user names.

New York has enacted new regulations to safeguard parent and student privacy when it comes to third party vendors. To that end we are working activly both locally and regionally to make sure these protections are in place.