Bronxville Union Free School District

Years of Planning Led to Proposed Project

At its November meeting the Bronxville Board of Education reviewed proposed plans for flood mitigation and field reconfiguration. Board member Dr. James Hudson set the stage by describing the seven-year journey that followed the flood of 2007. At that time the Board of Education approached the Village about developing a joint approach to protect the School and the Village from future flooding events.  The Village retained Robert Folchetti and Associates to analyze the most recent data and come up with an effective plan.  However, there were no funds to carry out such a plan.

Then, as Hudson put it, "We had the second hundred-year flood in four years," causing serious interruption to the educational program and extensive property damage. (Almost $30 million, most of which was provided by FEMA and insurance policies,) Eventually FEMA awarded a $6,889, 905 grant to install a network of underground pipes and a pumping station to detain stormwater until safe to discharge into the Bronx River. This plan has been reviewed multiple times by both the District and the Village.  Extensive environmental impact studies were conducted, and the project has been reviewed by the Army Corps of Engineers. The scope of the project has been revised to minimize the impact of construction on school operations and Village traffic.  The final product is the result of collaboration among local officials, Folchetti, and the District engineers and architects, John Meyer Consulting and KG&D.

Because the flood mitigation project requires excavation of Hayes Field, the question then arose of how best to restore Hayes Field.  The FEMA grant, supplemented by local funds, presented an opportunity to upgrade the field in a way that would otherwise have not been possible. Board member David Brashear characterized Bronxville's field space as "very constrained," and he reviewed the Board's efforts to explore field options outside the Village -- none of which have materialized. 

This presentation set the stage for a presentation of the field reconfiguration plan, first presented to the Board of Education in December 2013. Subsequent versions have reflected the input of the athletic department, the Elementary School, and the public.