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Reading & Writing

The ultimate goal of reading and writing instruction is that students become lifelong readers and writers who read and write with passion and authenticity. In order to strengthen reading lives there is an emphasis on reading volume and book choice. The belief is that students need to read lots of books on their independent level and with comprehension in order to become stronger readers.  Similarly, students need ample time to write each day in order to strengthen writing fluency and stamina. 

Reading and writing workshop often include a mini-lesson focused on a particular reading or writing strategy, followed by independent reading or writing. As students independently read or write, teachers regularly confer with individual students or instruct students with similar needs in a small group. In addition to reading workshop, other reading components include Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Word Study and book discussions within the whole class, club or partnership. Additional writing components within the primary grades include interactive writing and shared writing.

The following researched based learning progressions, created by the staff at TCRWP, can help parents to understand the skills of reading and writing that develop on a continuum as students grow as readers and writers throughout the grades.