Bronxville School Superintendent Dr. Rachel Kelly


Dear Families:

Whether you are a member of our Bronxville community or exploring our school from afar, I am glad you are here. 

In the nearly three decades that I have served this district as an administrator, my deep appreciation for the many ways in which The Bronxville School is unique has never waivered. Among the many features that sets us apart is that all our students from grades K-12 engage, learn, and grow under the same roof in a building with magnificent architectural history that has been reimagined through the years to provide optimal learning settings through design and technology. In this environment, our administration, faculty, staff, and students are able to develop long-term, supportive connections while creating a culture that values innovation, self-discovery, critical thinking, inclusion and community engagement. This - and more - is captured in the Bronxville Promise, which guides us today and into the future.

In many ways The Bronxville School is the heart of the Bronxville community; and at the heart of our school is our students. I am incredibly proud of, and inspired by, their commitment to academics, athletics, performing arts, and community service. None of this would be possible without our dedicated and talented team of professionals, and I applaud them for their work and commitment to inspire our students to become life-long learners in every aspect. 

My appreciation extends beyond the classrooms, halls, and walls of our school to community members, the Bronxville PTA, and Bronxville School Foundation who are integral partners in the pursuit of student success at each and every level. The size of this small town, just one square mile, belies the enormity of its strength. 

As a district, we are always looking onward, moving forward, and creating pathways of achievement for all students. There is no other place I’d rather be than by the sides of our future as they travel the roads that furthers the journey.

Rachel L. Kelly, Ph.D.
The Bronxville School

Dr. Rachel Kelly
Superintendent of Schools
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Assistant Superintendent for Business
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Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
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Director of Technology
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Director of Pupil Personnel Services
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