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Art Competition Winner Hopes to Prevent Bronx River Littering

When sophomore Olivia O’Keefe skillfully painted the ocean, several sea creatures and soda bottles draining into the water as part of her design over a storm drain on Pondfield Avenue, she had a simple, yet powerful message. She aimed to raise awareness about how litter in the streets connects to the Bronx River.

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Important Message from the Superintendent

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our school district. The recent passage of our 2019/20 budget allows us to continue to provide our students with a top-notch educational experience including a full range of academic programs, student services and co-curricular activities. We are pleased to continue to fulfill our vision of the Bronxville Promise.

Seventh Graders Curate Museum on U.S. Constitution

Seventh-graders – who have been studying the Constitution of the United States in Eva Gambino’s and David Katz’s social studies classes – worked together over several weeks to curate a museum as their culminating project. 

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Sixth Graders Design Original Cereal Boxes

Sixth grade students – who have been learning how to calculate volume and surface area in Brittany Braia’s and Rachel Sugarman’s math classes – tested their skills by designing and building their own original cereal boxes. 

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