Revised and Adopted 1/15/2015

How can we inspire all students to develop dispositions for innovation, leadership, critical thinking, and engaged citizenship?

  • Identify and incorporate into classroom practice the key instructional strategies and learning activities that are most likely to strengthen the four dispositions.
  • Survey the current course of study and student activities to identify gaps and opportunities to improve alignment with the four dispositions.
  • Establish evaluation criteria for the four dispositions.
  • Expand and evaluate the use of technology as an essential tool for inquiry, collaboration, and communication at all schools.

How can we ensure that the physical facilities are up-to-date and support innovation, leadership, critical thinking and engaged citizenship?

  • Carry out the flood mitigation project and field reconfiguration In a manner that best protects the short- and long-term interests of students.
  • Redesign the MS/HS library to support student inquiry and collaboration through the purposeful use of technology.
  • Continue to assess field usage needs and review options for addressing those needs in terms of feasibility, cost, and the impact on all constituents.

What comprises a fiscally responsible, sustainable model of educational excellence for the Bronxville School?

  • Develop a spending plan that maintains educational excellence in the context of rising enrollment, new health care requirements, the tax cap, and other mandates.
  • Negotiate successor contracts with all bargaining units that ensure a high quality faculty and staff and reflect responsible stewardship of community resources.