Bronxville Elementary Science Vision Statement

The vision of the Bronxville Elementary School Science program is to create a learning environment where students will develop a positive attitude toward science.  The program will foster a spirit of inquisitiveness and guided inquiry in science classroom and laboratories, field research sites, science museums, or workshops where all students…

  • Are given the time and support to acquire an understanding of fundamental science concepts in physical, life, earth and environmental sciences.
  • Take part in a variety of motivating, student-centered learning experiences that engage them intellectually and that are relevant to their present and future lives.
  • Develop process and thinking skills and learn to apply these skills in making decisions and solving real-world problems.
  • Use technology to access, evaluate, process and communicate scientific data and information.
  • Learn to ask questions and to answer them using scientific methods of inquiry where students collect, interpret, and analyze data.
  • Are able to demonstrate what they know and are able to do through varied and balanced assessment strategies.
Current Units of Study


Kindergarten - The Five Senses 

First Grade - Organisms

Second Grade - Sea Life

Third Grade - Metric Measurement

Fourth Grade - Magnetism and Electricity

Fifth Grade - Variables


Karen Green 
Science Teacher 
914-395-0500   Ext: 3283

Susan Monaco 
Science Teacher 
914-395-0500   Ext: 3821

Stephanie Kennedy 
Science Teacher 
914-395-0500   Ext: 3253