The Bronxville Promise


Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, taking risks to create solutions that add value or serve a need.


Acting and inspiring others to work toward a positive outcome.

Think Critically

Engaging in a disciplined process to deepen understanding, evaluate possibilities, or construct a reasoned judgment.

Engage the World

Becoming informed and acting to make an impact in small and large ways.


Bronxville High School News

Engineering Students Design Supporting Beams

Equipped with cardstock and hot glue, Bronxville High School students took on the roles of engineers to construct beams and experience the product development process. As part of the project-based challenge in teacher Benjamin Cornish’s Introduction to Engineering class, the students built three different prototypes, tested them and improved upon their designs.

Financial Experts Visit Economics Class

Students in teacher Chris Doyle’s Economics classes welcomed two financial experts to their school for special presentations on Feb. 28 and March 6. 

Orchestra Students Perform at National Orchestra Festival

Members of the Bronxville High School Orchestra participated in the prestigious 2020 National Orchestra Festival in Orlando, Florida, from March 5-7. Held annually in conjunction with the American String Teachers Association conference, the festival brought together 26 high school orchestras from 12 states following a highly competitive audition process. 

Eighth Graders Design Ice Insulators

Having been fully immersed in the study of energy, eighth graders recently built ice insulator devices as a culminating project to their studies in teachers Jean Windels’ and Jennifer Zopp’s science classes. 

High School Students Take on Roles of Progressive Era Reformers

Having studied the progressive movement in terms of its goals and impact on society, students in teachers Kris Hart’s and Steve Klurfeld’s Advanced Placement U.S. History classes participated in a fun, role-playing educational activity to further solidify their knowledge. 

Fourth, Fifth Graders Create Antibullying PSAs

Over the course of two weeks, fourth and fifth graders took on the roles of writers, directors, producers and actors to create antibullying public service announcements. The students premiered their videos in the auditorium before an audience of peers and teachers on March 6.