The Bronxville Promise


Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, taking risks to create solutions that add value or serve a need.


Acting and inspiring others to work toward a positive outcome.

Think Critically

Engaging in a disciplined process to deepen understanding, evaluate possibilities, or construct a reasoned judgment.

Engage the World

Becoming informed and acting to make an impact in small and large ways.


Bronxville High School News

Seniors Commit to Playing Sports in College

Bronxville High School seniors, who are accomplished athletes, have announced their commitment to play sports at colleges across the country next fall. Joined by administrators, teachers, coaches and parents, the students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the school community during a recent ceremonial letter of intent signing.

Seniors Discuss Civic Engagement With Senator

Bronxville High School seniors – who are taking Christina Reidel’s Political Science and Participation in Government class – welcomed New York State Sen. Shelley Mayer as a special guest speaker to their school on Nov. 12. 

Fifth Grader Wins Memorial Day Logo Contest

Fifth grader Andre Kahraman – who designed a logo depicting a Bronxville Bronco holding an American flag while flexing his muscles – has been chosen as the schoolwide winner of a Memorial Day logo competition. 

Students ‘Time Travel’ to Explore History of Bronxville

Second graders who have been exploring how communities — especially their own Village of Bronxville — have changed over time are participating in guided trolley tours of their village to better understand how the past is closely connected to the present and future. 

Bronxville School Students Celebrate Halloween

The Bronxville School completely transformed as fairies, witches, cartoon characters and superheroes marched around the school’s gymnasium on Oct. 31 to show off their Halloween costumes. 

Students Learn Phonics Principles Through Hands-on Lessons

As a group of first graders gathered on a colorful rug around their teacher Stacy Bilgoray, they eagerly looked up to her to practice their phonic sounds. After engaging in a brief writing exercise, they returned to their desks to further practice their new skills. 

Bronxville School Impresses Area Educators With Bronxville Promise Work

The Bronxville School hosted a team of 12 administrators and teachers from the Tri-State Consortium, which is a professional learning community of public school districts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, to share their work and passion for how the Bronxville Promise has continued to progress in the district.