The Bronxville Promise


Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, taking risks to create solutions that add value or serve a need.


Acting and inspiring others to work toward a positive outcome.

Think Critically

Engaging in a disciplined process to deepen understanding, evaluate possibilities, or construct a reasoned judgment.

Engage the World

Becoming informed and acting to make an impact in small and large ways.


Bronxville High School News

BHS Students

Having conducted extensive historical research on a topic of their choice, a group of Bronxville High School freshmen and sophomores were named winners in one of several categories at the Bronxville History Day Competition on Feb. 7. Their authentic work focused on this year’s theme of “Turning Points in History.”

Bronxville High School to Unveil ‘Curtains,’ a Musical Whodunnit

Bronxville High School’s talented students will present “Curtains!” as their musical production from Feb. 8-10. Under the guidance of Pamela Simpson, the students will entertain audiences with humor, suspense, and dazzling song and dance numbers reminiscent of golden-age musicals. 

Young Entrepreneur Earns the Westchester Youth Service Award

Bronxville High School senior Simos Dimas has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts with the Westchester Youth Service Award. The award honors juniors and seniors for their leadership and service with a social justice lens to their community. 

School Building

Bronxville High School has been named to the Advanced Placement School Honor Roll, earning a Platinum distinction for its outstanding work in welcoming more students into AP courses and supporting them on the path to college success.