Counseling Department

Welcome to the Bronxville High School Counseling Department!

The Counseling Department of the Bronxville School seeks to provide services that recognize and value the academic, social and emotional well being of each student. Counseling services play a crucial role in supplying students with the knowledge and support they need to plan an individualized program of study that will lead to graduation and prepare them for college.

 A student’s counselor is concerned with his or her total development: intellectual, physical, emotional and social. In addition the counselor uses the special services offered by the school to assist students with special problems. The counselor confers with students, parents, teachers and other in house support professionals, and interprets results from standardized tests and makes referrals for outside services as needed. The counselor helps the student plan a program of studies suited to the student’s abilities and aims. All students are encouraged to meet with their counselor frequently throughout the year.

The Director of Counseling Services is Ms. Anne Abbatecola. The counselors are:

 Mr. Aaron Kind

Ms. Ellen Cohen

Ms. Barbara Dhyne

Students and their parents are invited to meet individually with their counselor to discuss educational goals, future planning and course selection for each year. Additional individual conferences with students and/or parents are held as the need arises and may be initiated by the teacher, counselor, student, parent or administration. One of the main purposes for individual conferences is to exchange information about the child and to facilitate working together for the student’s benefit. Appointments should be made through the Counseling Office.

The Counseling department provides group guidance on a broad range of issues. Transition into the ninth grade, developing four-year plans, honing study skills, advocacy training and focusing on becoming a contributing member of the high school community are important considerations. For sophomore year the focus is educational and social issues with an introduction to career exploration. During junior year, students begin to look at post high school options. A systematic approach for the college search and application process is emphasized.

Regarding off-campus College Visits, students are required to complete a Planned Absence form signed by their parents prior to the visit. A maximum of three days annually may be considered legal absences for this purpose.

Anne Abbatecola 
(914) 395-0500   Ext: 2233

Aaron Kind 
(914) 395-0500   Ext: 3292 

Ellen Cohen 
(914) 395-0500   Ext:

Barbara Dhyne 
(914) 395-0500   Ext: 2484

Roseanne Silves 
Registrar and Counseling Secretary 
(914) 395-0500   Ext: 3305 

Liz Chiaverini 
Counseling Secretary 
(914) 395-0500   Ext: 2293

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