Information for Seniors



  • First, you must have a Common Application account ( Log into Family Connection and supply your email address as on Common Application.
  • FERPA Family Educational Rights-Privacy Act (see handout)
  • List all colleges to which you are applying on Common App and Naviance. Make sure you designate the plan, ED, EA, REA or Reg and that all deadlines are accurate.Check for Supplements!
  • Draft a copy of your application and submit it to your counselor for review.
  • Short essay and autobiographical statements should be planned, revised, read by others, revised and then put into final form. Thoughtful responses do make a difference. Do not fall into the trap, however, of letting others influence your writing too much. Students should have confidence that they can do a good job on the application, and parents should resist the temptation to co-author the work.Remembercolleges expect that students will be the sole authors of their essays.
  • EA or ED applicants, see your counselor as soon as you make the decision to apply early.
  • All seniors should make an appointment with their counselors within the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Allow ten school days for counselor preparation of material for your first application. Schedule below.
  • Please understand that although we can send all information, colleges do not actually receive documents until the application has been submitted by the student.
  • Hand all application materials, The Application Processing Form and draft of your application, directly to your counselor. Never leave materials on counselor’s or secretary’s desk or in a mailbox.


Application to be finalized (due) before Must be submitted before
November 1st October 15th
November 15th November 3rd
*Early Decision agreement in Common App should be signed
January 1st December 8th

We cannot guarantee submission of materials on time unless you follow this timeline.

  • Teacher Recommendations. During the first few days of the year, (If you have not already done this) reconnect with teachers who have already agreed to write for you. Make sure you inform them about the specific deadlines for your application. Ask teachers and any other reference persons you may not have already approached to write a letter on your behalf and supply any information requested.
  • Reminder:You must select teacher on Naviance pulldown to notify the teacher(s) that you have begun the process. Do not list teachers on the Common Application. If applicable, you will submit recommendations from outside references through Common App.

II. Submitting

  • We request that you submit a draft of all application materials to your counselor.Do not send it online without consulting your counselor. Carefully examine your checklist for that particular college to be sure you have completed all required information and supplements.REMEMBER!The fine print differs slightly among all schools, including the Common Application schools, which have individual supplements.Check carefully with each college. *You must submit a draft print copy of this application to the counselor with your College Application Processing Form.*
  • Beware of deadlines.Completed draft application plus a processing sheet must be handed to Counselor at leastten school daysbefore deadline.
  • SAT/ACT/AP Scores Forward anofficialcopy of yourSAT/ACTscores to the college.This means completing an additional report request contacting College Board or ACT online.Colleges will not accept scores sent to them by the BHS counseling office. October test dates are accepted by most colleges for early decision and early action, but you should verify with the individual colleges regarding November test dates.
  • Re: AP scores you may want to wait to send these to the college you will attend in the spring.


Your counselor will write a summary letter about you that will be sent with each secondary school report that is mailed from Bronxville. In formulating the letters, your counselor will draw from your transcript, teacher comments, information that you provide on the Brag Sheet/sand knowledge he or she has gained while working with you during your years at Bronxville. Speak with your counselor regarding specific information to be included in this recommendation.Update Brag Sheet if you submitted it in the spring. *If you have not turned in your Brag Sheet/s, please do so as soon as possible. If you have an activity sheet, please share with your counselor.