Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

August 27, 2018

Dear High School Students, Parents and Guardians, 

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I hope this summer served as an opportunity to get some well deserved rest as well as a time to reconnect with family and friends.  As a parent of a 7 year old (he’ll turn 8 on September 2nd) and a 10 year old, I know how hectic the school year can be. From loads of laundry and figuring out what’s for dinner to chauffeuring my son to soccer and my daughter to dance, there is barely a moment to pause.  I hope this summer gave you a chance to read a great book (by choice, not one that was assigned), to travel a bit and to feel renewed and ready to start the year.

Over the summer, our tremendous maintenance and technology staff have updated a number of spaces and classrooms that will provide exciting new opportunities for our students.  Through the generous support of the Bronxville School Foundation, we will have a state of the art TV Studio for Bronco TV.  Also, through the generous support of the Bronxville Foundation our Band Room has been updated and now includes individual practice/rehearsal spaces.  This will support the expansion of Band in the high school to include both Band as well as Honors Band. Our Orchestra has also expanded to include Orchestra and Honors Orchestra. This year, 182 students are enrolled in Performing Arts courses in the high school, close to 35% of our population.  The Special Education rooms on the fourth floor have also been completely renovated through a grant from the Bronxville School Foundation. We are so grateful to the community for your continued support of all of our programs. 

Speaking of facilities, I am sure you have seen the new Elementary playground that was a part of the bond referendum that the community supported last spring.  This year we will see the implementation of the remaining pumps for the flood mitigation project and the replacement of Chambers Field.  We will also be planning for the expanded Atrium entrance that includes a Counseling Center addition as well as the expansion of the Cafeteria. Instructionally, our faculty will be developing units of study and courses that will utilize the new Design and Engineering Center as well as the Third Flood Learning Community.  We expect to know more about the construction timetable later this year. These projects will allow us to continue to offer state of the art facilities to match our innovative courses and programs.

Our course offerings continue to evolve and reflect the growing demand for student-directed learning.  We will be offering both a Bronx River Research course as well as an Advanced Bronx River research course this year.  Our Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course will move from pilot status to a full fledged course offering.  In it, students develop a project that serves a community need. We are offering Speech and Debate and Advanced Placement Statistics annually due to demand for these courses.  And Bronco TV will be a course this year taking place in the brand new TV studio. 

We continue to work with Challenge Success out of Stanford University, through the generous support of the Bronxville School Foundation, to assess how we can encourage healthy, engaged students and explore the ways the school can contribute to a more balanced environment for our students.  Last year, we spent time investigating homework and we plan to continue to do so this year along with looking into how grading practices affect student stress. Teachers shadowed students for the day to get a first hand look at their experiences. We plan to continue the shadowing program this year as well.  Through the support of the PTA, we hosted Denise Pope who presented The Well Balanced Student to the parent community. Cheating and plagiarism will be another topic that both the faculty and students will spend time looking into. We will revisit the school’s Honor Code, located in the Bronco Guide, to determine if it needs updating and how the penalties for cheating and plagiarism can be streamlined and communicated effectively to students and parents.  

Now to logistics -- School begins on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 with incoming ninth graders reporting to the cafeteria at 8:00 AM. They will be met by their Freshmen Transition Leaders who will give the ninth graders a tour of the school and go through student schedules. All students will report to their A or A/B block class at 10:00 AM and the schedule for the first day of school is located here.  Beginning today, students can access their schedules on the Portal -- either under 'Schedule' or an easier to view version is located under 'Reports' and is called '6 day schedule.' If you have any questions about your schedule prior to the first day of school, Counselors will be available starting on Monday, August 27th. For all freshmen, your locker number is located on the upper lefthand corner of your six day schedule. Locker numbers 1-119 are on the 3rd flood in the C wing. Lockers C120-C171 are on the second floor in the Cwing near the Elementary Library. Students must bring their own locks if they choose to use their lockers. 

Be aware that the 2018-2019 Bronco Guide is available on the high school website here. It is expected that students and parents have reviewed the policies inside. 

Four important dates are approaching quickly so please mark your calendars. 
Ninth Grade Family Reception and Activities Fair which will take place on September 6, 2018 beginning at 7 PM at the Meadow Avenue entrance (the Atrium). Following the picnic, ninth grade parents will hear an introduction to the high school. At the same time, ninth grade students will have an opportunity to tour a fair in which they will hear about clubs and other activities in the high school and will have the chance to sign up to be a part of these groups 

High School Back to School Night is on September 13, 2018 and begins at 7:00 PM.  More information about this will be shared once school begins.

Twelfth Grade Post High School Planning Meeting for all seniors and parents is scheduled for Monday, September 17th at 7:00 PM 

The entire ninth grade along with Freshman Transition Leaders will be traveling to Sharpe Reservation for a kick-off to the high school on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Enjoy the last week of summer and we look forward to seeing everyone as the school year begins!

Ann Meyer  
Bronxville High School