Bronxville Union Free School District

Developing the Bronxville "Brand"

What is distinctive about a Bronxville education? To answer this question Dr. Mara Koetke, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, has led a group of teachers and administrators through a process of studying diverse examples of student work.  This process generated a Bronxville "brand" consisting of four dispositions - innovation, leadership, critical thinking, and engaged citizenship.  Dr. Koetke presented the brand to the Student Faculty Legislature, Schoool Councils, the faculty, and the Board of Education, refining the concepts along the way. At the October Board of Education meeting she shared the revised version and described the next steps in the process, including aligning science course descriptions with the brand and working with the guidance department to redesign the college profile.

Board members made several comments and suggestions, including congratulations on presenting a "beautiful synthesis of issues confronting contemporary education."  Another comment focused on the importance of including character attributes of mutual respect and getting along with others. Board President pointed out that the "brand" is a living document that will continue to evolve.

Dr. Koetke will give several progress reports over the course of the year.

Dr. Mara Koetke joined the administration this past July. Her presentation is below.