The Bronxville Promise


Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, taking risks to create solutions that add value or serve a need.


Acting and inspiring others to work toward a positive outcome.

Think Critically

Engaging in a disciplined process to deepen understanding, evaluate possibilities, or construct a reasoned judgment.

Engage the World

Becoming informed and acting to make an impact in small and large ways.


Bronxville Middle School News

Seventh Graders with meter sticks and clipboards collecting data in nature

Equipped with various tools and measurement instruments, Bronxville seventh graders took on the role of scientists and collected data along the Bronx River at Scout Field during a recent outdoor lesson.

Students working on art in the art room

As eighth graders sat at their desks in art teacher Jackie D’Arco’s newly renovated classroom, they diligently worked to create realistic drawings of a meaningful object of their choice. They used the value scale, as well as a variety of drawing pencils and shading techniques to complete their compositions. 

students sitting at desks in classroom

Bronxville Middle School students began their regular session of the new school year in person on Sept. 9. Principal Dr. Thomas Wilson said the students rose to the challenges and adjusted well to changes and some temporary classrooms due to the recent flooding of the building’s first floor, caused by Hurricane Ida.

Teacher Welcoming Students Back To School

The Bronxville School welcomed back its students for the new school year on Sept. 9. The highly anticipated day was filled with excitement for learning as students reconnected with friends, teachers and staff.

Bronxville School Welcomes New Staff, Interns for 2021-22

The Bronxville School welcomed new faculty members and interns during a two-day orientation, held Aug. 31–Sept. 1. The group met with administrators and curriculum leaders to discuss procedures and policies before stepping into their new roles for the school year.