Principal's Message

August, 2018

Dear Parents and Community Members, For those of you who are new to the Bronxville Middle School, welcome! The faculty and staff join me in welcoming everyone to the new school year. It is still summer, but the school is alive with activity! Outside the building, some much needed repairs are being completed on roof surfaces and the new elementary school playground structure is rapidly taking shape. Inside the building, painting, cleaning and preparations for the fall continue. I am indebted to our maintenance crew under the leadership of Mr. Mike Lee for giving their time and energy to making sure the school is ready for our opening. In addition to many off-site educational and training opportunities our faculty elect to take, some of our faculty participated in a two-week workshop with Innovative Designs for Education (IDE) and are in the process of reconfiguring their rooms to reflect more project-based, creative instruction where students take greater ownership of their own active classroom space.

New Staff Members and New Roles

It is my pleasure to introduce Ms. Emily Cloud , our new Middle and High School French teacher. Ms. Cloud will teach Grade 6 French for us this year. It is also my pleasure to present Mr. Rich Diefenbach, our new Grade 7 and 8 English teacher. Mr. Diefenbach has been a leave replacement in the High School and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Middle School! Ms. Meg Weiss will move from her previous role to teach a new class, Creative Writing, to Grade 7 and 8 students as an Exploratory class. Additionally, Ms. Weiss will offer academic intervention for students on the same grade levels. Ms. Jennifer Zopp and Ms. Jennifer Oliveri are both taking maternity leave in the fall. Mr. Daniel Tocci will be with us through the end of February in place of Ms. Zopp for Science and we are very close to naming Ms. Oliveri’s leave replacement, which will take us through the endof December. We welcome our new colleagues and can’t wait for you and your children to meet the newest members of our faculty!

The First Day of School

The first day of school is Wednesday, September 5 th beginning at 10:00am for all Middle School students. On the first day, students do not have to bring all of their materials and supplies. They should bring some writing utensils and something to write on as well as their Master Lock for their hall locker. Students will be given a homework planner to write in during the day as well. After the first day, students may bring the rest of their materials and secure them in their lockers. On the first day, students should arrive no earlier than 9:30am . We will have an extended homeroom session before moving to the rest of classes for the day. The day will end at 3:00pm. The following day we will start school at our regularly scheduled time of 8:10am and classes will be of regular length. The regular school day begins in homeroom each day, where students listen to the dailyannouncements, attendance is taken, and we say the Pledge of Allegiance. After homeroom, students go to their various classes throughout the day.

Options for Lunch

At lunch, students have the option to buy lunch in our cafeteria, to bring lunch from home, or, if you permit, your child may go to the village (we call it going “up-town”), but this requires your permission on an electronic form you can request to be emailed to you from our secretary, Mrs. Krieg . Don’t be talked into thinking that ‘everyone goes uptown’! This is not the case. More than half of our students eat in school on a daily basis. There are some clubs that meet at lunch, including the Middle School Organization (MSO), our student government. Our school newspaper and our language clubs also meet at lunch at specified times. When students are finished eating lunch, whether “uptown” or in the cafeteria, they have the option to go to the gyms where our teachers monitor an open play time for the children.

Extra Help

We will offer extra help before school every day this year. We piloted a hybrid model last spring where two days were after school and four were before school, but that paradigm was confusing. So, we are running extra help before school starting at 7:45am each day. Homeroom will be at 8:10 every day. We recognize that this does not suit everyone’s preference, but it is important that we standardize help times so students know how and when to have access to assistance from teachers. Extra help is not mandatory, but it is a good habit to begin to recognize the importance of being invested in your own success. Students who attend extra help with regularity tend to have internalized some important life-skills in addition to improving their understanding of the work.

Student Schedules for the fall

Thanks to Mrs. Krieg’s tireless efforts, our schedules will be available beginning on Wednesday, August 15th . It would be helpful if you would review the schedule with your child and to please let us know directly if there are any questions or issues. Email any inquries to me directly at so we can fix any potential issues. Please do note, however, that scheduling is a mathematical process and there are only so many possible permutations, so while we need to know about class gaps or redundancies that may exist, there is far less latitude for changing teachers or honoring friend requests. Thank you in advance for understanding why these requests are not entertained.

Early Year Happenings

On behalf of Deirdre Curran, our Council Chair, we would like to invite you to our first Middle School Council meeting on September 14th at 8:30am in the MPR . Council meetings are a good way to keep up with the life of the school and it’s always nice to see so many folks taking an interest in our school. Back-to-School Night for the Middle School is on September 20th beginning at 7pm . On this evening you are invited into the school to meet with all of your child’s teachers and to learn more about their academic program. We look forward to another great school year! Enjoy these last weeks of summer and we will see you in September!

Best wishes,
Dr. T homas L. Wilson
Middle School Principal