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Payment Information® is an on-line system that will allow you to make deposits into your student’s school meal accounts. Money deposited into will usually arrive at the school by the next morning.  You can set your low balance settings to remind you when it’s time to add more money, or set up recurring payments so the system will automatically add money to the account when your balance reaches the threshold you set.

To get started:  Visit and click the “REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT” button to create an account.  A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide.  Simply follow the link included in that email and your registration will be complete.  Once you log in, you can add all your children by entering each student’s school, their name and student ID number.

  1. Go to respective school home page
  2. Find the “Links” menu on the bottom LEFT hand side of the screen
  3. Find the “School Lunch Payments” link near the bottom of the list
  4. Click on this link and follow the instructions.
  5. The student's ID needed for online registration is now available via Parent Portal.

To access a student ID…..

  • Log on to the Bronxville School District’s Parent Portal
  • Click on your child’s name
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the student ID (i.e ID Padded)

** Your child’s ID may begin with leading zeros. If this is the case please remove the leading zeros when entering ID

For Example: ID Padded# 000999999 will be entered into Myschoolbucks as 999999.

If you have any questions you can email David DiNuzzo at or call him at 914-395-0500, ext. 1206.