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Bronxville Astronomy Club Attends NASA Press Event
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Astronomy Club Gets a Virtual Front Row Seat at NASA Artemis Press Event

Bronxville Astronomy Club members Lucia Theissen-Rodriguez, Charlotte Brandes, and Liberty Wilson gathered in the fireplace room at Bronxville school to take part in a virtual NASA student press event on Thursday. The event was broadcasted live from the Kennedy Space Center. The Bronxville students were selected to attend the event based on a question submitted to the NASA Office of STEM Engagement by Astronomy Club Presidents Lucia and Charlotte, “In how long do you envision a long-term presence on the Moon (and Mars), and what would that look like?”

The press conference featured a panel of NASA’s key launch team members who spoke about the rigorous planning and preparation that went into the November 16th Artemis I launch and its 25 day mission around the Moon. Through future Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and person of color on the moon to further explore more of the lunar surface. Using knowledge from the Moon, the next leap on NASA’s horizon will be sending astronauts to Mars. 

This brings us back to Lucia and Charlotte’s question. While the answer might not be known as to exactly when a long-term presence will be possible, it is clearly a goal that is on the horizon. As NASA Launch Director Charlie Blackwell- Thompson said yesterday during the conference, “We will rise together to get back on the Moon and beyond.” NASA’s other mission is to inspire a new generation- an Artemis generation of explorers. Current and future Bronxville Astronomy Club members take note…it might be prescient to start looking into a club field trip to the Moon.