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Bronxville Elementary Recognized as a Reward School
Bronxville News

Bronxville Elementary School is among 155 schools across the state to be identified by the state Education Department as a high-achieving Reward School. 

Reward Schools either have the highest performance on the English language arts and math tests for two consecutive school years or have shown the biggest gains on those tests during one school year. Another eligibility requirement is that these schools have a 95 percent or higher participation rate on the state ELA and math assessments. Additionally, they must not have significant gaps in achievements between different groups of students and must demonstrate that more than 50 percent of students are making annual growth in ELA and math. 

“We are very honored to be recognized by the state as a Reward School,” Bronxville Elementary School Principal Tricia Murray said. “We have made some significant changes over the past few years that we believe can be attributed to this. We have implemented a consistent and clearly articulated curriculum that is student-centered.”

Some of the programs the elementary school has implemented include the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Singapore Math and Project Based Learning, where students engage in authentic learning and are called to action. Additionally, administrators have added a makerspace and coding to the curriculum so students can engage in inquiry, problem-solving and 21st-century literacy.

“We have made great efforts to consistently monitor student progress, not just for those who are struggling, but for all students,” Murray said. “We have also put into place specific interventions for students based on this data, which has helped each child work toward achieving their goals.”

Every Reward School will receive a certificate of recognition from Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia, who said in a statement that each Reward School serves as a model to others in the state to inspire them to achieve a high level of accomplishment and improvement.

“The teachers and administrators at these Reward Schools work hard each day to raise the bar and give their students opportunities to achieve their dreams,” Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa said in a statement. “The proof is in the results these schools have obtained, and I am thrilled to celebrate their success.”

Photo of Bronxville Elementary School