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Bronxville Elementary School Celebrates New Playground
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Elementary School students, teachers, administrators and parents celebrated the new playground with a ribbon-cutting on Oct. 10. The new playground design encourages creativity, risk-taking and collaboration, thanks to the efforts of the entire school community. 

Principal Tricia Murray provided the opening remarks and thanked members of the community for supporting the district’s need and voting on the bond referendum last spring to approve the replacement of the playground. She also acknowledged members of the administration and Board of Education for overseeing the project to its completion and ensuring that it was ready by September. 

“This playground was a true community effort,” said Murray, adding that a committee of parents and teachers worked to design the playground while keeping students in mind. “It was our goal to build a playground that encouraged students to engage with each other, create and imagine, take risks and collaborate. We included student voice by talking to students about what was important to them.”

When asked why they felt so strongly about the playground, students said it was best suited for all children in all grades. One student said the new playground was interactive and it features places to sit and talk with friends, while other students commented that it helps them learn to balance and collaborate with their classmates.

“Students, I congratulate you for working together, taking risks when you are a little uncomfortable and interacting with each other in positive ways in this space,” Murray said. “Doing so makes our Bronxville School community even stronger.”

Following the cutting of the ribbon, the students performed a choreographed dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” 

Watch the video of the ribbon-cutting ceremony below.