Bronxville Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Bronxville Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony
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Bronxville Elementary Students Move Up to Middle School, Taking the Next Step Towards Their Future as the Class of 2030 

Assistant Principal Anthony Vaglica welcomed the families and friends in attendance at Tuesday evening’s Moving Up Ceremony, before asking Student Council representatives to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Immediately following, the students performed the Centennial inspired alma mater, “Be the Light”.  

Bronxville students Odessa Dennis and Maeve Celis took to the podium for the Fifth Grade Dedication. “Our moving up art project is a celebration of our years at Bronxville elementary school. We each created a square representing a significant event in our learning experience or a special memory of our fifth grade year,” said Odessa Dennis. “We joined our artwork together in the style of a quilt. With each individual piece coming together to create a whole expression of authentic voices and our sense of community.” 

“Our drawings express many valued experiences. Among them, our fifth grade trip to Philadelphia, Memorial Day, ELA, math, special areas, Be the Change, sports, recess, friendships, field day, and spirit day, just to name a few,” said Maeve Celis. “Each class chose words to describe our spirit this year - Energetic, Spirited, Inquisitive, Bold, Athletic, and Unique. These words are added to our artwork along with our class colors, in celebration as we move up to middle school.” 

Principal Adams' message to students and their families was uplifting and heartfelt. “I stand before you today filled with pride and joy as we gather to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of our remarkable 5th graders,” she began. “From the day you first stepped through our doors as wide eyed kindergarteners, to the confident young individuals you have become, we have watched you overcome challenges, embrace learning, and exhibit the qualities of the Bronxville Promise.” Ms. Adams remarked on their growth this year, and how they demonstrated compassion and respect for one another. She reminded the students they are capable of achieving great things, to believe in themselves, and to remember lessons learned and friendships formed. 

In closing, Ms. Adams explained the postcards with images of the Bronxville Promise that were handed out before the ceremony. “Consider taking the Bronxville Promise with you and capture what you experience, where you see the tenacity of leadership, the creativity and innovation, the complexities of critical thinking, and engaged citizenships. Write about it, savor the written word, and engage in deliberate and thoughtful form of communication. They carry with them the weight of intentionality, reminding us of the beauty of unhurried conversation and the power of heartfelt connections,” she said. “You have filled our school with laughter, joy and an unwavering spirit. As you spread your wings and soar to new heights, remember that you will always have a home here. We believe in you, we are proud of you and we cannot wait to witness the incredible contributions you will make in the world. Congratulations class of 2030.”