Bronxville High School 101st Commencement Ceremony

Bronxville High School Class of 2023
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Bronxville High School Class of 2023 Collectively Shine at Commencement Ceremony

At the beginning of year, Bronxville High School Principal Ann Meyer wrote the following in her 2022-2023 welcome back letter, “I think it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the value of looking outside of ourselves, even as far as into deep space, to understand our past and what it is that we are made of. And in doing so, in focusing on what the universe is made of and how it was formed, in attempting to understand the laws that govern it, we learn more about ourselves. Through the NASA Webb Space Telescope, we set our sights on something that many thought would be impossible – we are now looking 13.6 billion light years away when we look at the images from the NASA Webb Space Telescope. As awe inspiring as these images are and possibly more unbelievable, these images display galaxies and stars that are made up of the very same material as that which makes us. As NASA tweeted to Coldplay after they displayed the images at a concert in Berlin this summer, and something I hope we at BHS can help you remember during your time with us, “Never forget that you ARE a sky full of stars. The same stuff that makes these heavenly views lives in you.”

On Saturday evening at Bronxville High School’s 101st Commencement Ceremony, the Class of 2023 made their way to the front steps just moments after a thunderclap was followed by sparse drops of rain. The sky held on for these stars in a ceremony that was luminous with an overarching theme of connection and togetherness. 

2023 Class President Andrew Doyle shared a few insights from his time at The Bronxville School. Being the artist that he is, he began with a quote from Vincent van Gogh - “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”  Andrew went on to say that his 13 years at The Bronxville School has felt like specks of time, and yet he finds himself completely present in the moment around him. He emphasized the power of a compliment and listening to understand. In closing, he cited the Harvard 85-year longitudinal study that found the strength of our relationships and feeling connected to others is the key to happiness.

Molly Bishop, SFL President, echoed similar sentiments in her speech. She reflected on her Freshman Transition days and her ‘Dear Self’ letter with humor and poignancy. Referencing the Dali Lama and ‘High School Musical', her message was to surround yourself with people who lift you up, have courage to branch out to find your path, and never lose sight of togetherness. 

Alumni speaker Matt Harriss (‘97) spoke about the values he learned during his years at The Bronxville School and offered words of inspiration, “You don’t know what you don’t know. This is not a graduation; this is a commencement. This is the start of something. What you are about to commence is limitless.”  

“This class and their collective good work honors the Bronxville Promise,” Dr. Rachel L. Kelly told the members of the Class of 2023. “With this transition you move from students guided by the Promise, to stewards now caring for it.”